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Mayncery Limited

We are a full service design and build company specialising in the entire lifecycle of a project from conceptualisation to completion.


The preferred Service Provider that delivers.


Exceptional Brand Promise.


The word that has been used to describe us overtime is “we do what we say we will do” and truth be told, this actually captures our highest priorities!

Our Story

Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, Mayncery Limited has succeeded in positioning herself as an expertise in both Residential and Commercial developments using innovative strategies that are tailored to our Clients.

Before incorporation, our management and leadership team have gained over a decade of great understanding of the construction industry. This knowledge is what we have combined with the support of new age technological advancement brought to the fore by our highly experienced staff capacity, all in a bid to enhance our core values.

Competitive Advantage

Our ability to source and procure materials at competitive prices both locally and abroad while still delivering cutting edge designs that satisfy the aesthetic and functionality requirements of our clients.

We want to build the finest structures that's within your budget and time frame without sacrificing quality and workmanship.


With our focused leadership and cost effective business strategies, Mayncery Limited has strategically and profitably grown as a brand to become an exemplary company in Nigeria.

Though based in Lagos, we have been able to serve clients across multiple states in Nigeria. Our corporate clients cut across industries such as Maritime logistics service, Real estate development companies and so on.

We can't wait to build with you!

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Mayncery Builds Limited

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